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Heart Up+

barlyeHeart Up+ is an innovative product that delivers high levels of fibre and beta-glucan in particular. It is a barley-based product which has undergone unique physical processing and formulation to provide all the goodness of fibre and beta-glucan in a convenient and delicious way.

Heart Up+

Heart Up + is available in three flavours Original, Blueberry and Redberry, all of which have equal nutritional values. It has been specially designed by our team of food nutritionists and scientists with the aim of finding a natural alternative which contains high levels of beta-glucan.

We have come up with the natural product Barley BG14 TM (Milled heat-threated barley) which provides high levels of beta-glucan.

250g = 33g beta-glucan
7.5g = 1g beta-glucan


Heart Up+ is an innovative low GI whole grain product that delivers high levels of fibre and beta-glucan. Beta-glucan is a soluble fibre which dissolves in a person’s digestive tract and turns into a thick gel which binds with excess cholesterol and helps permit its absorption.

1 scoop = 1g beta-glucan
3 scoops = 3g beta-glucan
4 Scoops = 4g beta-glucan

This natural product is naturally high in:

High in fibre
High in folic acid (folate) copper and iron
High in manganese , selenium and vitamin C
Good source of thiamine ( vitamin B) , niacin and Zinc

Lower cholesterol

Beta-glucan has a cholesterol lowering effect that helps in reducing the risk of coronary heart disease, baby consuming 3g of beta-glucan is your daily diet and helps a person achieve a reduction
in the bad LDL cholesterol.

Blood Sugar

Beta-glucan soluble fibre slows that absorption of sugar form your diet, it helps to reduce the glycaemic response to carbohydrates. 4g per meal will help to reduce the glycaemic response in this
carbohydrate blood glucose radio potential, this can help to improve metabolic control of diabetes and a lowered GI response.

By taking Heart Up + in your diet every day will help lower your cholesterol and combined with daily physical exercise will have a significant effect on your health and diabetes.

Heart Disease

Ireland no. 1 Killer – approx. 10,000 people die each year from CVD (cardiovascular disease), including coronary heart disease, stroke and other circulatory disease.

(Source; Irish Heart Foundation)

64% of all global deaths are due to non-communicable disease, such as heart disease, diabetes and cancers many of which are influence by lifestyle factors.

(Source; Bord Bia)

Heart Up+ will help with lowering cholesterol, reducing your blood sugar, to help and support people from diabetes, coronary heart disease high blood pressure.

Get yours from your local pharmacy, health food store or supermarket today!

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